The following color photos are photographs of actual samples. The color varies substantially with light changes and monitor and printer settings, so it is necessary to take actual samples to your job-site and see how each looks for accuracy of color value.

Please Request Sample chips, as actual colors may vary from colors shown here.

Custom colors are also available for an additional charge.


Diamond Blue

Earth Green

Marble Tan

Mist Blue

Mist Green

Natural Stone


River Tan


Slate Green

Solid Tan

Storm Gray

Strawberry Mist

Terra Cotta


Adobe Rose

Wet Sand

Efflorescence Disclaimer

Because GrailCoat is a concrete material, efflorescence may become visible on the surface of the GrailCoat. Efflorescence is a naturally occurring product of the curing process of concrete. It results in white streaks coming to the surface especially when the surface comes into contact with water before it is fully cured. These white streaks will go away by themselves as the salts from the concrete are all drawn out to the surface. This process may take six to twelve months.